Following the announcement that the partnership between the Credit Unions and the Christmas Pageant will draw to a close following the 2018 edition of the event, we have prepared some answers to questions you may have...

Has this decision by the Credit Union Pageant Company left the Christmas Pageant in trouble? 

The Credit Unions have been a wonderful partner of the event for 23 years. They have communicated their decision to us early and have given us an opportunity to fill the gap – both from a financial and people perspective – for the future. The Christmas Pageant will continue and we will go out to the broader corporate community to secure new partners for the event. 

We are disappointed to lose such a wonderful and long-standing partner, but equally we understand and respect their position. The Credit Unions have been our partner for the last 23 years. Partnerships rarely last for such an extraordinary period of time and so this has been an extraordinary community commitment. We thank them and their staff, family and friends and directors for their unwavering support. 

Is the Christmas Pageant in danger of disappearing? 

No, the Christmas Pageant is a much loved South Australian tradition, it has just celebrated its 85th year and we look forward to this world class event growing and continuing well into the future.

How will the Government replace what the Credit Union Pageant Company contributed to the Christmas Pageant not only in terms of dollars but participants? 

The Christmas Pageant is the biggest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, it engages with 450,000 live on Pageant Day on the route and through the live broadcast on the Nine Network, and it generates significant media and engagement for many months prior to and past the event.

It also offers a unique opportunity for staff and customers of organisations involved. This event is a much-loved South Australian festival and the decision by the Credit Unions presents an opportunity for other businesses to partner with the Pageant and bring new ideas and opportunity to grow this magical event. The Government is currently speaking to a number of potential sponsors and plans to introduce new event partners. 

If you do not get a new naming rights sponsor, what will happen to the Christmas Pageant in 2019? 

The Pageant will go on!

Will the Christmas Pageant still be a free event? 

The Christmas Pageant has created a legacy over the last 85 years and is a major community event loved by generations. It has been and will continue to be free and enjoyed by the community. 

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