Monday 7 November 2016

Today marks just five sleeps until the 2016 Credit Union Christmas Pageant and final preparations are underway as the last new float has been revealed ahead of the event, welcome Father Christmas Rules.

Credit Union Christmas Pageant, Creative Director, Brian Gilbertson this year asks us to step into a world of magic and wonder, a world where the unexpected happens, where tales of magical characters and adventure become the everyday, where surprises and the celebration of Christmas accompany you every step you take.

“The Credit Union Christmas Pageant is a magical parade filled with wonderful characters, magical floats and performers. It allows you to remember all that is good in the world and that the magic will always be there, transporting you to a place of happiness and giving you the focus to concentrate on the joy and face the challenges of the world.

“The spirit of Father Christmas is eternal and gives us all a reason to believe,” said Brian Gilbertson.

The 2016 Credit Union Christmas Pageant will celebrate all that makes up a world full of magic and wonder and the event’s centre piece to honour this theme is the new float ‘Father Christmas Rules.’

Father Christmas will be joined by the Tooth Fairy, Mr Sandman and the Easter Bunny for the first time, all celebrating around a giant Christmas cracker with Father Christmas faces adorning it.

“The Credit Union Christmas Pageant is innocent, yet powerful, dependable yet enchanting and full of surprises, offering messages of peace and goodness in even the darkest of days.”

The 2016 Credit Union Christmas Pageant will be held on Saturday 12 November from 9:30am.

Father Christmas Rules