Meet Professor Fizz and her Kaotic Kontraptions

28 October 2013

New float, Professor Fizz and her Kaotic Kontraptions is expected to be a firm favourite in this year’s Credit Union Christmas Pageant as the kaleidoscope of colour and movement creates an event first.

Brian Gilbertson, Event Manager and Creative Director, Credit Union Christmas Pageant said the event has wanted to create something visually stunning and with on float mechanical movements for quite some time, in 2013 this has come to fruition.

“Kaotic Kontraptions is bright, fun and colourful. It has tested our animation skills and brings a sense of movement to the Pageant,” said Brian Gilbertson.

It is a spectacle that has to be seen to be believed with running water, a bicycle, 65 moving balls and more.

“This float from a construction perspective has challenged us at Stardust Castle with hours and hours going into the planning process, more than usual, to make sure the mechanisms installed have been able to bring the float to life.”

Artist and designer, Kari Lindsay, from Scenethis has spent three months making and painting this Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets Dr. Seuss inspired creation.

“From rising smiling balls tipped into cascading runners to the ingenious bubble machine produced by a huge water pump into a water wheel that forces a huge bellows to create the bubbles. This is just so much fun!’ said Kari.

Professor Fizz is instructing her team, they all look a tad crazy but she is an achiever.

‘Everybody’s Welcome’ to bring their biggest smiles and waves as they prepare to welcome Father Christmas when this spectacular parade arrives in Adelaide on Saturday 9 November 2013, starting at 9.30am.

More than 300,000 people are expected to line the Pageant route as Father Christmas makes his way from South Terrace to the Magic Cave at David Jones. 

In 2013 the Pageant will be travelling a slightly different route around Victoria Square due to the current redevelopment. Event organisers encourage pageant-goers to study the route map carefully.

Download the FREE smartphone app for both iPhone and Android for the full float list, route map and lots of fun!

The Credit Union Christmas Pageant is owned and managed by the South Australian Tourism Commission on behalf of the South Australian Government and sponsored by four leading credit unions in South Australia – People’s Choice Credit Union, Beyond Bank Australia, Credit Union SA and Police Credit Union.

Professor Fizz and her Kaotic Kontraptions