Have a laugh with Pogo the Clown

24 September 2014

Pogo the Clown is a crowd favourite at the Credit Union Christmas Pageant.

He’s been making us laugh for 17 years now, but what makes Pogo laugh and smile the most? 

“It has to be when I get tickled! It’s too funny for words,” Pogo says, with a giggle.

“I love to see all my friends laughing and having fun.”

“But it’s not all just fun and games here at the Pageant,” he adds.

“All of the clowns work really hard with the Pageant team and the Credit Unions to bring Father Christmas to South Australia every year.”

Pogo thinks it’s the happy faces at the Credit Union Christmas Pageant that bring Father Christmas back time and time again.

“He’s a very busy man, you know,” says Pogo.

“It takes a very special bunch of people to bring such an important person to our city.”

Pogo says Father Christmas is always on the lookout for the children who are smiling and laughing the most at the Pageant.

“But he’s always got time to have a joke! He loves to laugh,” Pogo adds.

“And so do I! Ha ha ha…”

Pogo flashes a wide grin and shakes his green hair from side to side.

“I think that’s the best way to get me to smile – smile and wave back at me during the Pageant!”

“I’ll be on the lookout for you!”

And with a chuckle, Pogo cruises off on his tricycle, ready to ride in this year’s Credit Union Christmas Pageant.

Will you be there on 8 November?

Make sure you give your biggest wave and smile for Pogo!