Big Friendly Bruto

24 September 2014

How does Bruto celebrate Christmas with his ogre family? Let’s find out...

Hi Bruto! We were all wondering… What do you do on Christmas Day?

Hello! Oh it’s so good to speak to you all! On Christmas Day, my favourite thing to do is watch the Credit Union Christmas Pageant all over again! Mum and Dad love to see my float wind through the streets of Adelaide, all the way to the Magic Cave at David Jones. It’s so exciting to wait for Father Christmas to arrive! And watching everyone boogie to “Monster Mash” is hilarious!

We knew you loved the Pageant! But can you settle this one for us… What does an Ogre eat for Christmas dinner?

In one word: everything. Ha ha! But if we’re talking specifics, ogres have a very special delicacy for Christmas – blowfly soup with mouldy bread on the side! Yum! Christmas in Australia always means hot weather and lots of blowflies – perfect for our soup!

Ugh... Okay, enough about that. What’s on your wish list for Christmas this year? Apart from lots of flies, of course...

Well, I guess it’d have to be lots of presents! But I like to give them out more than get them. It’s a great feeling to make other people smile and brighten their day!

Giving is a great feeling but isn't there something that you’d really, really like this year?

Of course there is! I want all my friends to come and see me at the Credit Union Christmas Pageant! But if we’re talking presents rather than presence, it would have to be a huge, spotty umbrella to sit under when it’s too hot on the beach. If I have one of those, I can play all day without getting too hot!

That sounds like so much fun, Bruto! Speaking of fun... What have you been doing to prepare for the Credit Union Christmas Pageant?

This year I've been helping all the elves and Father Christmas with the presents... I love presents! Maybe you’ll get some of the ones that I've wrapped?

Oh we all hope so!

Well, I've got to get back to work. Those presents aren't going to wrap themselves! See you at the Pageant!

You can see Bruto and all his friends in the Credit Union Christmas Pageant on Saturday 8 November 2014