Hello to all our Pageant Supporters!

Thank you to the 330,000 who turned out to line the streets of Adelaide on Saturday 18 November.  

Your energy was inspiring for our participants. It was truly a special Credit Union Christmas Pageant experience.

From the very start, our 85 pipers and 85 celtic dancers set the scene for what was to come. 

The cloudy day with no rain and a temperature between 18 and 22 degrees was Pageant perfect, heightening the colour of floats and the energy of participants. 

Our theme this year - 'Let's Celebrate' - was represented through our new floats, 'The Soft Toys,' 'Christmas Party Time' and the 'Royal Christmas Ball.' 

Our new "Snowman" mini float was a fun way to acknowledge the global community north of the equator and 'Countdown to Christmas" reminded us that Christmas is not far away.

We worked hard to try and replicate the delivery of Father Christmas into Rundle Street in 1933 as part of our 85 year celebration. 

Having brought Father Christmas to North Terrace on his magnificent sleigh, he was greeted by our new Queen Meagan and King Michael from the Leukemia Foundation at our 2017 landing stage in Kintore Avenue. 

Then we transferred him onto the Jolly and Jingles float with accompanying dancers and band and moved through the crowds in Gawler Place, down Rundle Mall and into David Jones to the Magic Cave. 

This was the closest he has been to the crowds in many years and they loved it. 

We thank everyone who worked behind the scenes to bring this event to you all, in particular the many hundreds of volunteers without whom the Pageant could not be delivered to the level we achieve.

I am looking forward to 2018. 

We have already started our planning and hope to see you there again next year. 

For now, we wish you a happy and safe Christmas and New Year with family and friends.

Brian Gilbertson 
Pageant Director

2016 Brian Gilbertson Credit Union Christmas Pageant Creative Director